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House extension, Petit-Lancy

The extension, with a 60 m2 living room, appears to be partially wedged into the existing house. Featuring a fireplace with a geometry that amplifies the views to the outside, this space extends up to the mid-height of the house and is situated between the ground floor and the garden.

The relationship between indoors and outdoors is accentuated by the lack of frames visible on the inside of the three patio doors. This detail creates a direct visual link between the ceiling and the sky and between the floor and the garden, making any height difference seem non-existent. When the patio doors are opened, they create a special connection between the living room and the garden and adjoining terrace. Sunny weather is all that’s needed to transform the new space into a real loggia. The flush glass cladding of the façades reflects the landscape, giving the extension an abstract, minimal appearance.

Sandrine Ruckstuhl, Lionel Spicher