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Nursing Home, Rolle

The nursing home is split into two units that are located on either side of the hospital. This means that the central unit is untouched, leaving all hospital rooms with a view.

The entrance to the nursing home is located below the psycho-geriatric unit. The connecting building, which houses the psycho-geriatric unit and the canteen, is located beneath the hospital garden. Each unit is organised over two levels. The lounge areas and tea rooms are extended towards the outside. The upper levels offer more privacy. The supporting structure of the building and garden walls are made of exposed reinforced concrete. The windows in the rooms are arranged in such a way that lends each room its own character, while giving the external façade a distinctive look.

Architectural competition
1st prize

Rolle Hospital Foundation
Romain Charlet, André Salvador, Nicola Chong, Kira Graf, Marie Huck, Luke Lagier, Pierre Mencacci, Christophe Neyroud, Lionel Spicher, Rodrigo Vitorio