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Development of La Rade, Geneva

Geneva’s waterfront area is symbolic, public and one of the city’s most popular tourist attractions. It is at the heart of the city, yet has a scenic landscape oriented around the lake.

La Rade comprises four sectors with great potential, each emphasising their link with lake. On the left bank, a public esplanade along the water takes advantage of the difference in level between the road and the lake. The pedestrian walkway is protected from traffic noise by a wall of activity and services. The Mont-Blanc walkway will run around the U of the lake-front promenade, enabling expansion of the current CGN jetties. Below the Mont-Blanc quay, the lower quay will be demolished to make way for a floating public platform offering a range of leisure and relaxation options. A beach extending between the Pâquis baths and La Perle du Lac provides the solution to the lack of bathing areas on the right bank.

Ideas competition
1st prize

City of Geneva, Canton of Geneva
Nicola Chong, Florent Petrod