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Cité de la Musique of Geneva

From above, the compact, elongated form of Cité de la Musique, split diagonally, is situated perpendicular to Lake Geneva, looking out towards Mont Blanc and the Jura in the distance.

At ground level, its transparency expresses the vitality of its purpose – the complex is dedicated entirely to music. Place des Nations announces the entrance and the grand foyer extends along the entire length, bordering the park and mirroring its topography. A bright, open path runs alongside concert rooms in decreasing size, from the philharmonic hall to the black box. The administrative offices of various organisations (OSR, HEM and CMG) are located on Route de Ferney, where HEM also has teaching rooms that enjoy views of the park. Higher levels are connected by ramps, creating a true cultural centre, open to all audiences and all generations, that is creative, romantic and excites the imagination.

Invited International architectural competition
1st prize

Fondation de la Cité de la Musique de Genève
Nicola Chong, Chiara Gelpi, Steve Girard, Justine Guillot, Anita Heredia, Carole Lopez, Chloé Masse, Giulio Parini, Luis Perrier, Christian Pesch, Florent Petrod, André Salvador, Jérémy Schaffner, Frederico Vieira
Gonçalo Byrne Arquitectos