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Nursery school and childcare centre, Prangins

Prangins’ new nursery school has been designed to look like a large house perched on a sloping plot of land. The building’s shape asserts its independence from the surrounding built environment.

It’s a design that creates rooms with differing aspects, which are emphasised by generously sized windows. The four wings of the building, each offset by a third of a storey and interlocking with one another, reduce perceptions of the building's size. The central staircase, which features ramps, is a playful element and a key piece in the interior space. A separate entrance at the top of the plot helps ensure unfettered access to the childcare centre, while exposed concrete inside and out enables the building to blend into the topography.

Architectural competition
1st prize

Commune de Prangins
Nicola Chong, Frederico Vieira, Julian Behrens, Maxime Beljansky, Kira Graf, Paolo Marchiori, Pierre Mencacci