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Public amenities at Etang, Vernier

The site's design is informed by the desire to create two public spaces that are integrated into the both the existing context and the future urban neighbourhood.

On one side, the public esplanade to the west, level with and facing the buildings, creates a sense of place and somewhere to socialise. This space brings together paths leading to the public amenities. On the other side, making the most of the natural topography of the land, the primary school playground is attached to the Etang des Tritons park, creating a place conducive to learning and relaxation. The design is deliberately compact and of a scale appropriate for a neighbourhood community building. This principle ensures that such a diverse range of activity space has significant sharing of service rooms and circulation areas.

Architectural competition
3rd prize

City of Vernier
Alejandro Canosa, Nicola Chong, Thibault Dussex, Thibault Drillot, Samuele Evolvi, Steve Girard, Christian Pesch, André Salvador, Frederico Vieira