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Housing at Claire-Vue, Lancy

This project has been designed to work harmoniously with the abundant surrounding greenery. It consists of two buildings of differing proportions.

The first features a tower at its corner and remains in keeping with the existing high-rise context. Built above a shopping centre, it retains greenery at the edge of the plot. The second building, lower in height, takes into account the slope and acts as a bridge between the different features of the site. The ends of this articulated and progressive building interact with their surroundings.  The apartments in the dynamic, geometric tower occupy corner positions with multiple views, while those in the low-rise building are designed around a private terrace with diagonal, rather than head-on, views over neighbouring houses.

Architectural competition by pre-selection
1st mention

Caisse de pension d'UBS
Nicola Chong, Samuele Evolvi, Cédric Gil, Steve Girard, Giulio Parini, Christian Pesch, Elisabeth Le Polain, Frederico Vieira