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Passerelle de la Paix, Geneva

The pedestrian and bicycle bridge passes over 19 railway tracks at the eastern gateway to Geneva. Its geometry and structure comply with the various constraints.

The bridge, 160 m in length, is supported by two double piers. The central support features two sections, each 67 m long.

Two covered passages and a flight of stairs enable this structure to fulfil its function as a link (RER stop, access to trams and lake). The triangulated side girders are covered with translucent glass, which protects and illuminates the path at night. The rolled, anodised aluminium sheet casing meets the safety requirements of the railway tracks.

Multidisciplinary competition
1st prize

City of Geneva
Jean-Baptiste Bruderer, André Salvador, Marie Huck, Gregory Lesage, Pierre Mencacci, Mario Morgado, Sandrine Ruckstuhl, Lionel Spicher, Marie Weber Matile
CP ingénieurs and DIC SA