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Footbridge of La Rade, Geneva

The footbridge across the harbour allows pedestrians direct access to Geneva’s left and right banks.

The upstream pavement of the existing bridge is turned into a cycle lane. Accessibility to both underpasses is improved.

A single pier stands to the right of Île Rousseau. The anchor on the left bank fits into the embankment and bears tensile loads. The short span on the right bank allows light support. The asymmetric spans allow clearance for shipping and the floating barge. The very slender structure comprises an asymmetric metal caisson of variable height (2.05 m to 3.65 m) with a longest span of 162 m and a shortest of 90 m. A bench widening according to the geometry of the beam completes the footbridge.

Multidisciplinary competition
1st prize

City of Geneva
Nicola Chong, Thibault Drillot, Samuele Evolvi, Clément Patin, Guilio Parini, Alban Rozier
Ingeni SA