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CEVA railway bridge, Carouge

The CEVA bridge is part of the River Arve’s natural landscape.

Made of prestressed concrete and spanning a length of 78 metres, it comprises two identical, static trough-shaped systems positioned one on top of the other and facing in opposite directions. Since the supports are embedded, the height of the girders in the central span was reduced, gradually widening the deck’s compression zone. With the narrow roof in the span’s centre, two generously-sized windows offer users an exceptional view of the River Arve and Champel cliff, all the while protecting the banks from noise pollution. The outer faces of the structure are warped, allowing the structural requirements to converge with the shape of the work.

Railway Bridge Competition _ 1st mention
Development Contest _ 2nd prize

CFF, Canton of Geneva, City of Carouge
Lionel Spicher, Marie Weber Matile
CP ingénieurs et DIC SA