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Residential buildings, Vandoeuvres

The land on which this residential complex is constructed boasts outstanding topography and exceptional greenery. The large, century-old oak trees have been preserved and contribute to the appeal of the site.

The 22 apartments are divided between three separate buildings, which follow the slope of the terrain and have been designed in the style of grand villas. Each apartment has a corner location, thanks to the configuration of the design. The alignment of the different levels with the slope of the terrain allows numerous single-level extensions. The loft apartments feature large terraces and an unobstructed view. The typologies are arranged to afford maximum flexibility of use, depending on the lifestyle of future buyers. The focus on maximising the view and optimum use of natural light is reflected in an architecture comprising long, continuous windows of a generous height. These are alternated with linear, reinforced concrete parapets acting as balcony cantilevers and ensuring the intimacy of the apartments.

Invited architectural competition
1st prize

Florent Petrod, Nicola Chong, Thibault Drillot, Steve Girard, Christian Pesch, André Salvador, Frederico Vieira