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Refurbishment of a rural, Grandvillard

The village of Grandvillard is of national importance when it comes to construction in Switzerland.

The existing brick farmhouse dates back to the 17th century, while the adjacent farm building dates back to 1896. The property as a whole is Grade A-listed.

Split over both sides of the feeding lane, the accommodation is integrated into the existing frame. The path down the middle acts as an internal passageway, providing access to both dwellings and extending outwards towards the fields. Wood and fireproof plaster were used in the construction of the apartment ‘boxes’. The texture of the façades makes use of traditional raw fir, and their characteristic elements are preserved. Contemporary touches are clearly visible in a partition system on the north side.

Architectural competition
1st prize
In association with Christian Dupraz

Nicola Chong, Estelle Mottier, Agnès Perreten
O. Charrière