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Renovation Villa du lac in Bellevue, Geneva

The villa built in concrete in the 1970s by Jérôme-Jean Gini (architect, engineer), is part of the modern movement of that time. The offset structures facing the lake, topped with concrete eaves, accentuate the brutalist style.

The positioning on the edge of the water, below the level of the road, makes the most of the views over the lake and towards Alpes in the background. The villa is laid out over two levels, with the bedrooms occupying the top floor, each featuring a terrace integrated into the slope of the roof. The entrance hall benefits from the additional light provided by the double-height living room. The living spaces occupy the ground floor facing the lake. The project involved detailed and respectful renovation of the elements that give the house its character. For example, the anodised aluminium and mahogany sliding doors have been maintained and fitted with new glazing. The walls of the bathrooms and terraces have also been tiled with travertine in reference to the material used for the original floors. Furthermore, the balustrade on the new staircase fits in with the architectural style of the period. Finally, the new concrete terrace enhances the relationship between the interior and exterior spaces, and highlights the raised garden.

Steve Girard, Gheorghii Maurer