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Restoration and renovation of the Plaza cinema in Geneva

The Plaza was considered one of the greatest cinemas of its time. Its architecture, structural features, technology and performance programme make it a unique venue and a hotspot for Genevans.

The see-through entrance has been extended from rue de Chantepoulet through to the auditorium itself. Right along the rue du Cendrier, the new project will see the street connected to the Centre for Architecture and Cinema and the main foyer, the hub of the whole project. The auditorium itself is to be returned to its original state. By using a multidisciplinary team of contractors and adapting to new technologies, performances can be held on stage while maintaining the original layout. As such, it will now have a seating capacity of 750: 620 in the stalls and 130 on the balcony. A redundant projection box means that stair seating can be added. This free-flowing space provides access to the new format and immersive screens in the basement, and allows events and screenings to be held. Excavating under the auditorium is the ideal solution for housing plant rooms and contemporary auditoriums. The height of the stage in the immersive auditorium means that a trussing system can be incorporated.

Call for ideas by invitation

PLAZA Foundation
Nicola Chong, Chiara Gelpi, Samuel Labhard, ChloƩ Masse, Ghoulam Otmani, Giulio Parini, Matthieu Rapin, Alban Rozier