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Redesign of a house, Moniaz

The house, set on a slope, had been abandoned. Most of the work was carried out on the inside.

The space, originally not used to its full potential, was enhanced by radically changing the geometry of the load-bearing structure. A new staircase was built between the existing bedrooms. This change was accompanied by a new weight-bearing wall that lightened the load on the paving slabs, giving the house a real ‘backbone’. The basement was transformed into a new kitchen, which opens out directly towards the garden. The living room, complete with a new fireplace, is the heart of the home and connects the different levels. The work carried out is given a solid finish in the form of a new reinforced concrete wall that creates a large opening in the façade, with a cantilevered overhang covering the terrace.

François Esquivié, Grégory Lesage