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The Drague bridge, Sion

The new Drague bridge is a unified structure comprising several load-bearing points reminiscent of a viaduct. The sleek and clean construction is the result of an approach to connecting the site with an imposing feature of the land – the Rhone.

Thanks to the clever choice of structure for spanning the Rhone, this new bridge integrates optimally into the site, opening up views for people both on the bridge itself and on the banks of the river. The concept behind this project can be seen in the enlarging of the span in order enhance the connection between users and the water. On the right bank, the abutment has been removed and replaced with a single load-bearing support, made possible by the addition of a central pier set in the bed of the Rhone. The result is that the roads along the riverbanks are clear and there is no sense of being in a tunnel when passing under the structure. When passing the bridge, be it as a pedestrian or a cyclist, there is no visual break and the connection with the water is maintained, just like on the underside of the bridge that spans the Rhone. Structurally, the majority of the material workmanship of this construction is located beneath the deck, all while retaining a sleek and visually unobtrusive silhouette. The pillars resting on the central pier bear the load of the deck while giving it a level of finesse that makes it an inseparable part of the site. The absence of an extradosed structure associated with the requirement for a guard rail frees up the view for bridge users. Drivers, cyclists and pedestrians alike can therefore benefit from the view across the water, and of the landscapes both near and far.

Multidisciplinary competition in the first stage of an open call for tenders
1st prize

Département de la Mobilité, du Territoire et de l’Environnement du Canton du Valais (DMTE)
Ghoulam Otmani, Alban Rozier
Muttoni & Fernandez Ingéneiurs Conseils SA PRA Ingénieurs Conseils SA